Are you ready to start your Journey to Discover the Remarkable You.

What does Remarkable mean?

Worthy of attention, striking, amazing, extraordinary, stunning, wonderful.

Something that makes them say “Wow!”

What does the "Remarkable You" woman look like?

She is confident and believes in herself

She has courage to no longer build her life by default but courage to build an 
empowered life by design

She knows the difference between fact and truth when it comes to her untapped potential

“If I had more money, if my house was bigger, if I had someone who noticed me, if I was slimmer, if I was fitter then things would be different.”

Does this sound familiar? When you feel stuck, unhappy, struggling or looking for the “more” you begin to look at all the outside circumstances. When you begin the journey of discovering the “Remarkable You” it will help you identify what the real issues are so you no longer have to live feeling like you’re not important, or not valued, or invisible. This course will give you clarity like never before and lead you on a path to purpose.

You have untapped potential.

We refer to this as your hidden treasure; your buried gold. But to find the treasure, you have to dig for it and to do that successfully you have to make the
unconscious conscious and begin increasing your level of awareness that you are, in fact, remarkable.

For more information to enable you to get from ‘where you are now to where you need to be and to break through those invisible walls that keep holding you back:

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Remarkable You will equip you with the tools you need to create your empowered life by design.

The Leadership Game

I have had the privilege of having Wendy Burns come to SU QLD and run the Leadership game with my team managers.  The entire team felt very comfortable with Wendy immediately and we were able to reach a very open and transparent level quickly, Wendy really brought the best out of everyone.  Our ‘Working together’ as a team has grown so much stronger, the team shared openly without fear, exposing weaknesses and also encouraged and supported each other.

Wendy provided a detailed analysis of my team, which helped me see where the next development needs are for my leaders and she also made personal recommendations for own development.

Thank you so much Wendy for investing into myself and my team, I highly recommend Wendy and the Leadership game to any team that would like to go to the next level.

Justin Tye
Director of Partnerships
Scripture Union Queensland

Wendy has been working with LicenSys for the past 3 years.  In that time she has had a profound impact on LicenSys, providing improvement and clarity in a number of areas. These include change management on an individual and group level, team composition and optimisation, and core values extraction and articulation. Andy Olsson

Managing Director, LicenSys Group

I have worked with Wendy over the past 14 months and in this time she has fulfilled a number of roles for us as a consultant. The work she has done includes tender review and input, strategic planning, team building, change management and conflict resolution. In all these areas she has shown great skill and knowledge and a real gift for understanding people and what drives their behaviours. Mike Haworth

General Manager, Mahoney Lawyers