A Call to Adventure … Finding Seeds of Hope

by | May 14, 2020 | News & Articles

Planting Seeds of HOPE – A Call to Adventure Remarkable You!

Over the weeks ahead I will be sharing keys to HOPE

H anging

O n with

P atient


Choosing our attitude about the situations we find ourselves in, enables us to see the future circumstances in a different light, in a light of HOPE.

Our attitude will be the difference maker.

In or out of crisis, we still have fears.  We don’t get rid of fear, BUT what we can do, is choose what you will feed.

We can be a HOPE dealer or a FEAR pusher!

If we feed our fear instead of our HOPE, we will get emotionally stuck.

If we feed our HOPE we will move through this season.

Why, because what we focus on, will expand.

What will you choose? Fear or HOPE

Remember our motions affect our actions.

e.g. If I feel, is an emotion – then I will, is an action

That is why it’s so important as a HOPE dealer, to turn our negative emotions into positive actions.

What action can you take to water your seeds of HOPE so you can share them with others?

A – Decide what action you will take

C – Identify what choices you will make

T – Commit to timeframe for this change

Journey well, Remarkable You as your discover the HOPE within!