Defining Moments

by | Jun 3, 2020 | News & Articles

A defining moment is a point in your life when you are urged to make a pivotal decision, or when you experience something which fundamentally changes you.

We are currently in the midst of history making defining moments as we continue to live this out daily with Covid-19

Not only do these moments define us, but they have a transformative effect on our perceptions and behaviours. These we see playing out in the emotions of those around us and yes, even us

Today I am sharing 7 perspective principles that we can apply in our lives and encourage other people to also apply in their lives  as we plant Seeds of Hope.

  1. Everything Worthwhile is Uphill—we are not given an overcoming life; we are given life as we overcome. It is the wrong perspective to think that life should be easy—life is anything but easy! However, if we are willing to do the hard things, they compound in value over time to create a life we could have never imagined.
  2. There is Always an Answer—The greatest gap between Successful and Unsuccessful People is their thinking. Successful people live on the other side of yes, and as a result find answers others miss.
  3. Allow Adversity to Help You Discover Who You Really Are—I find that often, people do not see themselves clearly. When their comfort zone is dismantled and their usual supports fall away, they lose the illusion of who they think they should be and are brought face to face with who they really are.
  4. Develop a Positive Life-Stance—we must cultivate a consistent attitude that influences our behaviour. Think of it as similar to the operating system on your laptop or your phone. What you can do with your devices depends entirely on the type of operating system you have.
    • The same is true of you—what you can do in life depends entirely on the life- stance you take. If you choose a positive life-stance, you’ll be able to find good even in the bad, and that simply allows you to do more with what life gives you.
  5. Feed Your Faith and Starve Your Fears—the key word for this principle is FOCUS because where we choose to put our focus determines what owns our hearts and minds. Positivity fuels faith; negativity fuels fear.
    • Faith and fear are always present inside each of us, but the people who focus on faith are able to move forward in times of crisis, while the people who focus on fear get “emotionally stuck”. We get to choose which of these we will choose.  Faith or Fear?
  6. – If I feel depressed, then I will sing.
  7. – If I feel sad, then I will laugh.
  8. – If I feel fear, then I will express faith.
  9. – If I feel insignificant, then I will remember my purpose.
  10. Today Matters—Adversity is filled with uncertainty about tomorrow, so we must turn our attention to what we can control: TODAY. We must make today count.
    • Today Matters. Just for today, lets us choose the right attitude, act on the right priorities, follow healthy guidelines, create great habits, care for our families, practice good thinking, keep proper commitments, manage our finances, deepen our faith, invest in solid relationships, model generosity, live good values, and seek improvement.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to introduce us to ourselves, but we will rarely regret the introduction. This season of crisis might just be the catalyst for you becoming the person you are meant to be – and that is Remarkable!

6. Realise that Motions Influence Emotions—Psychologist Dr. George W. Crane says this: “Motions are the precursors of emotions.” Dr. Crane’s belief, is that emotions are responses to circumstances and events that we cannot control, but the actions those emotions trigger in our lives is entirely up to us.

A few examples of “If I Feel [Emotion], Then I Will [Action]” statements:

We can turn negative emotions into positive actions and those actions in turn will help fuel positive emotions!

The advantage in recovery time during seasons of adversity goes to the leaders who take positive action out of their negative emotions—who turn adversity to advantage. Remember we are all leaders. Let me remind you that the greatest leadership role we will ever have is the one where we lead ourselves – self-leadership!

If we will do these things TODAY, we will see the compounding results TOMORROW and every day afterward.

Making good daily habits and breaking bad ones is a daily process for the rest of your life. Here’s a helpful tool to take with you as you journey to discover the Remarkable Within!

Healthy Identity

Ask for help

Be kind to yourself

Investigate and make changes

Trust the process – for me The God Process

Small wins – celebrate!!!

Action speak louder than words…

A – Decide what action you will take

C – Identify what choices you will make

T – Commit to timeframe for this change

Journey well, Remarkable You as your discover the HOPE within!

Love Wendy