You are invited on a journey through HOPE tDISCOVER, UNSHACKLE, REVEAL and ENABLE the REMARKABLE YOU within!

“Hope is not something we can purchase and add to our lives.

It is not something we can get from other people.

We need to find the HOPE within ourselves”

From my book ‘Remarkable You – A Journey to Discover HOPE Within’

 Take a deep dive into this book as I lead you, on your journey, to discover your HOPE within YOU!

The Remarkable You Foundation Program

An 8 Week “Impact Growth Group”
held in a virtual “Zoom”class room
from the comfort of your own home
with Wendy Burns.

The Remarkable You Foundation Program

An 8 Week “Impact Growth Group” held in a Virtual “Zoom” Class Room from the comfort of your own home with Wendy Burns.

`My attitude has always played a major role in my own growth to overcome the challenges in my life to be where I am today, as well as my willingness to sacrifice to develop and reveal the Remarkable within me.

Recently on a trip to America I had the privilege and great honour of sharing the stage in front of 3000 with John C Maxwell; my mentor. We spoke about the power of attitude and choices. From my story you will see just how remarkable this is!

We all have a story, none more important than someone else’s, each story will be made up of different chapters. Do you want your present and future to be unlike your past?

Please join me in this life changing Journey of Discovery as part of this Impact Growth Group.

Are you prepared to make the change?

Are you prepared to invest in developing the Remarkable Within You? If so, remember that ‘the journey of a thousand steps begins with one.’ It’s a step you won’t regret.

Eight Week Program

Often the hero rejects the call to action at first, wary of leaving the familiar. Inevitably, the problem gets so pressing the hero is forced to take action, forced to step into an unknown world.


  • Look at your story so far; what chapter do you find yourself in?
  • What is working well in your story?
  • What bogus story baggage do you need to dump, and replace with essential items, to continue on this journey? You are the hero of your story.
  • What do you want your life story to say?
  • You write your map by making choices, so what choices do you need to make?
  • The path unfolds as you take action, so what action do you need to take?
  • What do you need to challenge yourself with?

The journey begins with you wanting to make a difference and you believing you can


What is an Impact Growth Group

A gathering of like-minded people who desire to focus on and achieve their full potential; the study of a specific set of information to enable them to develop and lead themselves well.

This group should have a strong to desire live life to the their fullest potential knowing the greatest key is to lead themselves well.

For more information to enable you to get from ‘where you are now to where you need to be and to break through those invisible walls that keep holding you back

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‘We all have a story, none more important than someone else’s. Each story will be made up of many different chapters: some good, some bad, and some downright ugly. Mine has certainly contained all three.

No matter what our story is, we all want to feel we matter. This is a book for people struggling with that belief. I believe we all matter: I believe you matter, and I want to help you believe that too, whatever your circumstances are. I believe every person has within them a Remarkable You.’

Wendy Burns
Author, International expert in professional coaching, transformational leadership, and is a practical business and personal coach, mentor, teacher and speaker.