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‘We all have a story, none more important than someone else’s. Each story will be made up of many different chapters: some good, some bad, and some downright ugly. Mine has certainly contained all three.

No matter what our story is, we all want to feel we matter. This is a book for people struggling with that belief. I believe we all matter: I believe you matter, and I want to help you believe that too, whatever your circumstances are. I believe every person has within them a Remarkable You.’


Wendy Burns
Author, International expert in professional coaching, transformational leadership, and is a practical business and personal coach, mentor, teacher and speaker.

Self-Leadership Under God - Remarkable You

by Wendy Burns | Interview on Vision Christian Radio - March 3

Wendy Burns

The Author

An internationally experienced coach and consultant, Wendy Burns believes everyone is remarkable…but that some of us have lost sight of our own greatness and potential. Wendy’s message is that no matter how hopeless you might think your circumstances are, she is proof there is always hope.

Wendy shares her own journey, in which she overcame a legacy of poverty, child abuse and alcoholism to become a woman of influence, as proof. At each step along the way, Wendy provides the reader with focus points and action steps to allow them to discover their own hidden vein of gold.

Read this incredible true story as a memoir, and be uplifted and inspired…or take Wendy’s invitation and let her guide you on your own journey to discover the remarkable within you.