Hear what my clients say about me

It’s no secret! Ask any of the long lists of Wendy’s happy clients and they’ll readily vouch that she is an amazing executive coach, transformational leader, practical business coach, mentor and speaker. She’s especially highly skilled in mediation and conflict resolution. I have heard so many people speak so highly of her services over the years.

Perhaps, what most people don’t know though is that Wendy is truly an inspirational human being. Her personal story is one of courage, resilience and sheer determination to overcome some of life’s toughest challenges. For her to be here today, inspiring and leading others on a global scale is a testament to her ability to find solutions where none seemed possible.

She is a much loved and respected Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team and mentor, trainer and teacher to hundreds of coaches from around the world. But most of all she is a trusted friend, thinking partner and colleague whom I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s an absolute honour and privilege to partner and serve alongside Wendy, as she continues to impact and transform company culture and the leadership landscape both in Australia and globally.

Wendy, thank you for being you!

Christopher Sajnendra

Executive Coach | Business Coach |Business Strategist |Speaker | Leadership Consultant | Healthcare Leadership Coach

I have known Wendy for almost 10 years. In that time I have found she is a person of utmost integrity. Wendy has an incredible dedication to getting the best out of people, teams and organisations. Her ability to get to the heart of individual or team issues and then implement effective rectification and growth plans is a true gift. She has proven this through her work with LicenSys time and time again.

I would recommend Wendy to any organisation, be it assisting with governance, senior team realignment or executive coaching.

I highly recommend Wendy as a trusted partner, someone who is uncommonly insightful both in the ways of business and most importantly people.


Andy Olsson

Managing Director, LicenSys Group (World No.1 Number Plate Manufacturer)

I have had the privilege of having Wendy Burns come to SU QLD and run the Leadership game with my team managers.  The entire team felt very comfortable with Wendy immediately and we were able to reach a very open and transparent level quickly, Wendy really brought the best out of everyone.  Our ‘Working together’ as a team has grown so much stronger, the team shared openly without fear, exposing weaknesses and also encouraged and supported each other.

Wendy provided a detailed analysis of my team, which helped me see where the next development needs are for my leaders and she also made personal recommendations for own development.

Thank you so much Wendy for investing into myself and my team, I highly recommend Wendy and the Leadership game to any team that would like to go to the next level.

Justin Tye

Director of Partnerships, Scripture Union Queensland

I have worked with Wendy over the past 14 months and in this time she has fulfilled a number of roles for us as a consultant. The work she has done includes tender review and input, strategic planning, team building, change management and conflict resolution. In all these areas she has shown great skill and knowledge and a real gift for understanding people and what drives their behaviours.

The work she helped with as part of our strategic planning was excellent, from the initial discussions to creating the final plan – creativity, business knowledge, cultural values and understanding of strategic drivers were all part of what she brought to the table and helped us mould our final plan. The facilitation throughout the 3 days was very effective and the outcome was better than expected.

The other area where Wendy excels is working with people to create better teams and to get engagement with the business. One of her great strengths is her personal integrity and this comes across in her manner and enables her in conversations to draw out issues and conflicts and then devise and deliver strategies and tools for individuals or teams to be able to deal with problems as they arise. 

The team building and change management work she did is still having an impact across the business. Wendy is someone who is reliable, trustworthy and honest in all her dealings and always works in the best interest of the business. She has great passion for her work and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a consultant that delivers great results.

Mike Haworth

General Manager, Mahoney Lawyers

I have had the privilege of having Wendy Burns provide her guidance, expertise and direction for my veterinary practice, over the past two years.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

On first entering the practice, Wendy, through interviewing staff as well as myself, was able to quickly perceive the difficulties I was under, and at the same time had a vision for helping me get through it.

Wendy displayed excellent insight into staff abilities, motivation and commitment to myself and the practice. She was able to implement and work with us to essentially replace the majority of the staff with employees who are of exceptionally high character and loyalty.

We have seen three years of negative turnover and increasing costs replaced by stabilisation of costs and a 20% increase in turnover, doubling the number of new client numbers.

Personally, I am still working through the process, but I believe Wendy has been a contributor to enabling a personal dream where I can spend the last ten years of my working life in a high standard, well-equipped veterinary hospital, with engaged, committed and highly loyal staff, instead of just coping, in an average veterinary practice.  I enjoy the environment at work now; feel supported by staff – in general, enjoy going to work!

Thank you Wendy for your commitment to me and my business, and your vision.

Michael and Cheryl Hinds

Owner, Centenary Vets